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The Political Economy of Trade Conflicts. The Management of Trade Relations in the US-EU-Japan Triad 

1994, Springer Verlag, Berlin, viii, 157 S., ISBN 3-540-58395-5.


The conference "The Political Economy of Trade Conflicts" was organized jointly by the German Institute for Japanese Studies and the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation together with the Institute of Modern Political Science and Economics of Waseda University in December 1993. The results of this conference are presented in this reader. Three issues were of special importance: the US-Japanese conflict over the reduction of trade imbalances via quantitative import targets; the liberalization of trade in agricultural products, especially the opening of the Japanese rice market; and the trade tensions between the European Union, the US and Japan in high technology industries.


1-5 S.
Introduction: Change, Conflict and the Management of Trade Relations

Nezu, Risaburō

9-16 S.
Foreign and Domestic Determinants of Trade Policy

Fröhlich, Hans-Peter

17-31 S.
EU Trade Policy: Special Interests versus Social Welfare

Pape, Wolfgang

33-43 S.
EU Trade Policy vis-à-vis Japan: From Confrontation to Cooperation

Ōyama, Kōsuke

45-59 S.
Japanese Trade Policy and Political System

Yamamoto, Takehiko

61-71 S.
The US-Japan Structural Impediments Initiative: A Model for Reducing Trade Friction?

Aronson, Jonathan D.

73-82 S.
US-Japanese Trade Relations: Challenges and Opportunities

Watanabe, Yoshiaki

85-91 S.
Japanese Farm Products Trade and Japanese Agricultural Policy

Horaguchi, Kenji

93-100 S.
Historical Background of Government Interventions in Agriculture and Possible Compromise in Farm Trade

Weber, Adolf

101-114 S.
EU Agricultural Policy and International Trade Conflicts

Fukushima, Glen S.

115-122 S.
The Role of Government in High Tech Trade

Bourène, Maurice

123-131 S.
Bureaucratic R&D Policies: The Japanese Example

Kiyono, Kazuharu

133-142 S.
An Analysis of Antidumping Policies in World Markets for High Technology Products

143-154 S.
National Policies in a Global Economy: The Case of Competition Policy

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