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Demes, Helmut; Tokunaga, Shigeyoshi; Altmann, Norbert (Hrsg.)

New Impacts on Industrial Relations: Internationalization and Changing Production Strategies 

1992, iudicium Verlag, München, 492 S., geb., ISBN 3-89129-483-2, € 50,50. [ Bestellen ]


New production concepts such as lean production, as well as the internationalization of enterprises and national economies deeply influence industrial relations and labour standards worldwide. The twenty-one contributions in this book focus on these new impacts on industrial relations, in particular in Japan and Germany. They are the proceedings of an international conference held in Japan in autumn 1991.

The contributions are grouped into five sections:

  • Production Strategies and Industrial Relations in the Process of Internationalization
  • Internationalization and Industrial Relations
  • Subcontracting and Rationalization
  • Towards the Formation of Labour Standards
  • Concluding Remarks


Altmann, Norbert

S. 15-38
Convergence of Rationalization - Divergence of Interest Representation

Tokunaga, Shigeyoshi

S. 39-59
Internationalization of Economic Activities and Industrial Relations: with Special Reference to the Recent Strategies of Large japanese Corporations

Jürgens, Ulrich

S. 63-96
Internationalization Strategies of Japanese and German Automobile Companies

Kumazawa, Makoto

S. 97-115
Industrial Relations and Management in Japanese Companies in Europe

Nomura, Masami

S. 117-132
Japanese Personnel Management Transferred: Transplants of the Electronic Industry in Asia and Europe

Deutschmann, Christoph

S. 133-147
Works Councils and Enterprise-Level Industrial Relations in German Transplants of Japanese Firms

Berggren, Christian; Björkman, Torsten

S. 149-177
Contradictions in the Team Concept: Auto Transplants and Labour Relations in North America

Sauer, Dieter

S. 181-205
Systemic Rationalization, Subcontracting Strategies and their Impact on Labour in the Federal Republic of Germany

Ikeda, Masayoshi

S. 207-224
Development Networks in the Automobile Industry: New Trends

Hiramoto, Atsushi

S. 225-242
Subcontracting Strategies of Japanese Companies in Europe and Asia: A Case Study of the Electronics Industry

Doleschal, Reinhard

S. 243-257
Problems of Industrial Relations at Plant Level in the Component Supply Industry in the Federal Republic of Germany

Sei, Shōichirō

S. 259-278
Price Setting and Supplier Selection System in the Japanese and Western Auto-Supply Industry

Sengenberger, Werner

S. 281-309
Labour Standards in the International Economy: Challenges and Perspectives

Bosch, Gerhard

S. 311-339
The Formation of Labour Standards in the Single Market

Kreißig, Volkmar

S. 341-364
The German Unification Process and the Organization of Trade-Union and Co-Determination Structures in East Germany

Capecchi, Vittorio

S. 365-392
The Role of Unions in Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: A Case Study of Flexible Specialization in Emilia-Romagna

Tamai, Kingo

S. 393-409
Working Conditions in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Japan: The Case of Ōsaka

Ōsawa, Mari

S. 411-431
Women and Japanese Society Today: Political Measures with Respect to Marginalized Labour Force

Ernst, Angelika

S. 433-451
The Careers of Technical Specialists in Japan and in Western Countries

Takagi, lkurō

S. 453-466
The Formation of Rengō and Strategies of the Japanese Labour Movement for the Development of Labour Standards

S. 469-488
The Japanese Production Mode as a Model for the 21st Century?

S. 489-492
Contributors to this Volume

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