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Migration and Integration – Japan in Comparative Perspective 

2011, iudicium Verlag, München, 222 S., ISBN 978-3-86205-054-3, EUR 24.-.


Many nations today face the challenge of integrating immigrant populations into the national body. On one level, the work of integration requires a great deal of creative policy-making and policy adjustment, while at another level it requires citizens to re-think who belongs. In an age of declining population in the developed world, societal fears of foreign infiltration compete with economic demands for open markets and open borders. While politicians and policymakers grapple with these global realities at the meta level, citizens’ groups often act at the community level providing needed on-the-ground support. Meanwhile, immigrants themselves conceive of strategies to manage their livelihoods, often in transnational spaces.

This book introduces the frameworks and challenges of migration policy in Japan, Germany, France and Canada. It shares insights into ongoing processes of renegotiating the current structures on multiple levels of the policy-making process. Scholarly works are featured in this volume, as are voices from practitioners.


  • Introduction: Migration and Integration – Japan in Comparative Perspective
    Gabriele Vogt and Glenda S. Roberts

Section I: Japan

  • Global Householding and Japan – A Comparative Perspective on the Rise of a Multicultural Society
    Mike Douglass
  • Internationalism and Transnationalism: Responses to Immigration in Japan
    Chikako Kashiwazaki
  • Immigration and Integration Policies in Japan: At the Crossroads of the Welfare State and the Labour Market
    Takashi Kibe
  • Integration of Chinese Students into Japan’s Society and Labour Market
    Hélène Le Bail
  • Policies, Civil Society and Social Movements for Immigrant Rights in Japan and South Korea: Convergence and Divergence
    Keiko Yamanaka

Section II: Comparative Perspectives from Germany, France and Canada

  • Demographic Change and Migration in Germany
    Reiner Klingholz
  • Migration and Integration Policies in Germany – Turkish Migrants’ Associations and their Impact on Policy Reform
    Valentin Rauer
  • Integration of Young Immigrants in Germany
    Iris Bednarz-Braun
  • Recent trends in French Migration Policy: A Gender Lens
    Mirjana Morokvasic
  • The Immigration of Care Workers: The Case of Canada and the Implications for Japan
    Nana Oishi

Section III: Windows on the Grassroots



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