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Corporate Strategies for Southeast Asia: A Comparison of Multinational Firms from Japan and Europe  

2000, Palgrave, Basingstoke, New York, xvii, 261 S., ISBN 0-333-91784-7, £ 60,00. [ Bestellen ]


Corporate Strategies for South East Asia After the Crisis presents an in-depth analysis by experts from Europe, Japan and South East Asia who have long-standing research experience in Asian economies and international business. The authors draw upon empirical research to analyze the questions facing multinational corporations active in the region, and go on to examine their strategies in production, marketing and corporate finance. They present a comprehensive overview of the current activities of multinational firms from Europe and Japan in South East Asia. The authors address both questions of international strategy and the role of multinational companies in a global economy, while taking into account how national differences affect strategic decision making.

More than an essential reader for business people in Southeast Asia, the book will strongly influence policy makers and all those interested in the shift from national to transnational business.


Young, Stephen

The Multinational Corporation: The Managerial Challenges of Globalization and Localization

Yanagihara, Tōru

Asian Economies at the Crossroads: Crisis, Transformation, Adaptation

Wong, Poh Kam; Singh, Annette A.

The Role of Foreign MNCs in the Technological Development of Singaporean Industries

Yoshihara, Hideki

Options for Strategic Change: Screwdriver Factories or Integrated Production Systems?

Production Strategies of Japanese Firms: Building up a Regional Production Network

Molteni, Corrado

Production Strategies of European Firms: Between Retrenchment and Expansion Opportunities

Sakano, Tomoaki; Lewin, Arie Y.; Yamada, Naoko

Options for Strategic Change: Exploration or Exploitation in Marketing for New Wealth Creation

Meyer-Ohle, Hendrik; Hirasawa, Katsuhiko

Marketing Strategies of Japanese Firms: Building Brands with a Regional and Long-term Perspective

Davies, Keri

Marketing Strategies of European Firms: Reconfiguration and Expansion

Tachiki, Dennis S.

Options for Strategic Change: The Importance of Equity, Debt and Internal Financing for Multinational Corporations

Katsu, Etsuko

Corporate finance strategies of Japanese firms: Sophistication of local financing

Hemmingen, Steen

Corporate Finance Strategies of European Firms: Between Opportunities and Continuation

Economic Crisis and Transformation in Southeast Asia: The Role of Multinational Companies

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