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Contemporary Japan

Kavedžija, Iza (Hrsg.)

Contemporary Japan 28, No. 1 

Ethnographies of Hope in Contemporary Japan

2016, de Gruyter, Berlin and New York, 122 S..




Kavedžija, Iza

S. 1-11
Introduction: reorienting hopes

Danely, Jason

S. 13-31
Hope in an ageing Japan: transience and transcendence 

Hack, Brett

S. 33-57
Subculture as social knowledge: a hopeful reading of otaku culture 

North, Scott; Morioka, Rika

S. 59-80
Hope found in lives lost: karoshi and the pursuit of worker rights in Japan 

Puzo, Ieva

S. 81-99
Hope amidst uncertainty: foreign scientists in contemporary Japan 

Robertson, Stephen

S. 101-122
Hope that sustains: revisiting New Year’s divination at Suwa Taisha 

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