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Contemporary Japan


Contemporary Japan 27, No. 2 

2015, de Gruyter, Berlin and New York, 123 S., ISSN (Online) 1869-2737, ISSN (Print) 1869-2729.




Abe, Yuki

S. 89-110
The nuclear power debate after Fukushima: a text-mining analysis of Japanese newspapers 

Costa, Emanuela

S. 111-130
A tale of two tongues: self-translation in Sekiguchi Ryōko’s poetry 

Mawer, Kim

S. 131-148
Casting new light on shadow education: snapshots of juku variety 

Saunavaara, Juha

S. 149-168
Multilevel relations in Japanese political parties at the beginning of the post-war period: Hokkaido as a case study 

Takemoto, Toshio

S. 169-188
Constructing the self in Megumu Sagisawa’s and Miri Yu’s travelogues: a case study of two Japan-based female writers of Korean origin 

Capobianco, Paul

S. 189-212
Confronting diversity: Africans challenging Japanese societal convictions 

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