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Contemporary Japan

Heinze, Ulrich; Matsunaga, Louella (Hrsg.)

Contemporary Japan 27, No. 1 

Body Concepts: Changing Discourses of the Body in Contemporary Japanese Society

2015, de Gruyter, Berlin and New York, 88 S., ISSN (Online) 1869-2737, ISSN (Print) 1869-2729.




Matsunaga, Louella

S. 1-11
Bodies in question: narrating the body in contemporary Japan

Miller, Aaron L.

S. 13-31
Foucauldian theory and the making of the Japanese sporting body 

Innami, Fusako

S. 34-52
Co-sleeping: engaging with the commodified dozing body in Kawabata, Yoshimoto, and Yamazaki 

Saladin, Ronald

S. 53-70
Between gyaru-o and sōshokukei danshi: body discourses in lifestyle magazines for young Japanese men 

Martinez, Dolores

S. 73-88
Bodies of future memories: the Japanese body in science fiction anime 

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