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Contemporary Japan

Vogt, Gabriele (Hrsg.)

Contemporary Japan 26, No. 2 

Destination Japan: Population Aging and International Labor Migration

2014, de Gruyter, Berlin and New York, 109 S..




Vogt, Gabriele

S. 171-174

Akashi, Junichi

S. 175-196
New aspects of Japan’s immigration policies: is population decline opening the doors? 

Komine, Ayako

S. 197-222
When migrants became denizens: understanding Japan as a reactive immigration country 

Achenbach, Ruth

S. 223-243
“Having it all” – at what cost? Strategies of Chinese highly skilled women in Japan to combine career and family 

Liang, Meng

S. 245-262
“Place making” in Kawakami: aspirations and migrant realities of Chinese “technical interns” 

Świtek, Beata

S. 263-280
Representing the alternative: demographic change, migrant eldercare workers, and national imagination in Japan 

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