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Contemporary Japan


Contemporary Japan 26, No. 1 

2014, de Gruyter, Berlin and New York, 169 S..




Melzer, Jürgen

S. 1-28
“We must learn from Germany”: gliders and model airplanes as tools for Japan’s mass mobilization 

Kingsbury, Aaron

S. 29-48
Constructed heritage and co-produced meaning: the re-branding of wines from the Koshu grape 

Kawano, Satsuki

S. 49-69
“Who will care for me when I am dead?” Ancestors, homeless spirits, and new afterlives in low-fertility Japan 

S. 71-102
Effects of investments in out-of-school education in Germany and Japan 

Croydon, Silvia

S. 103-123
The death penalty in a changing society: a survey of recent developments in Japan 

Toyofuku, Miki

S. 125-149
The end of salaryman tax reduction: Japan’s tax policy and its social background 

Heinze, Ulrich; Thomas, Penelope

S. 151-169
Self and salvation: visions of hikikomori in Japanese manga 

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