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Contemporary Japan

Klein, Axel (Hrsg.)

Contemporary Japan 25, No. 1  

2013, de Gruyter, ISSN: 1869-2737.




Backhaus, Peter

S. 1-16
You’ve got sp@m: a textual analysis of unsolicited Japanese dating invitation mails 

Cangià, Flavia

S. 17-40
Images of Edo: reinterpreting “Japanese history” and the “buraku” through community-based narratives toggle abstract 

Tagsold, Christian

S. 41-59
Popular realms of memory in Japan: the case of Sakamoto Ryōma 

Toivonen, Tuukka; Imoto, Yuki

S. 61-86
Transcending labels and panics: the logic of Japanese youth problems 

Hirō, Satō

S. 87-104
神国の行方 – Where to next for Shinkoku thought? 

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