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Joint Workshop

Risks and Opportunities in Japan: Local Communities Confronting Demographic Change and Climate Change


Koordination: Tanimoto Research Group on Social Innovation, Waseda University


The sustainability of Japanese society depends on how we deal with the risks and opportunities in the age of a declining birth rate and an aging population. Securing the future of local communities through innovative ideas and business schemes is being considered as one important strategy. Recently many distinguished social entrepreneurs have tackled and solved the social problems in respective communities with local stakeholders and achieved social change. One related area is renewable energy through its contribution to regional value added. This workshop will focus on exploring the following questions; how do social entrepreneurs start and manage their business, how do they create and diffuse social innovation, how do they build collaboration with stakeholders in communities, and how do they make an impact in the local society? How do Japanese and German communities try to exploit the potential of renewable energy for regional economic development?


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10:00 – 10:10 Opening
  Franz Waldenberger, DIJ and Kanji Tanimoto, Waseda University

10:10 – 11:00 Keynote Speech
Kanji Tanimoto

  Entrepreneurship, new Combinations and Enterprises with Social Effects: Creative Responses to Demographic Change
Kazue Haga

  The Role of Insurance Companies in the Age of Aging Society (tentative)
Takahiro Ogasawara, AXA Insurance, Chief CSR Officer

11:10 – 12:50 Case Study I: Declining Birth Rate and an Aging Population
Kanji Tanimoto

  Social Innovation and Sick Childcare in Japan: The Case Study of Florence
Masaatsu Doi, Hosei University

  Social Innovation for Housewives: The Case of Career Mum
Shuji Ohira, Chiba University of Commerce

  How to Attract Resources of Local Community and the Necessity of Bird Eyes in Social Innovation: The Case of FRAU
Nobuyoshi Ohmuro, Kyoto Sangyo University

  Social Innovation in Home Care Support Service for Senior Citizen and Disabled People: The Case of Care Center Yawaragi
Kunio Okura, Hirosaki University

  Social Innovation in Regional Activation: The Case of Salad Cosmo
Kimihisa Komura, Kyoto Sangyo University

12:50 – 14:10 Lunch

14:10 – 15:10 Case Study II: Environment and Renewable Energy
Kanji Tanimoto

  Transition Towns
Christian Dimmer, The University of Tokyo

  Risk Perceptions and Intergenerational Relations in Rural Japan – Potentials and Initiatives for Sustainable Development in Hakusan
Daniel Kremers

  Renewable Energy as Community Business - The Japanese Town Oki and German Village St. Peter
Franz Waldenberger

15:20 – 16:40 Plenary Session
Franz Waldenberger

Kazue Haga, Christian Dimmer, Nobuyoshi Ohmuro, Masaatsu Doi

16:40 Closing
  Franz Waldenberger and Kanji Tanimoto

17:00 Reception


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