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Open Workshop

Frontline Innovations in Health & Social Services in Advanced Silver Society

Supported by : Finpro - DIJ - TFU



Health and social services are among the most strongly affected areas by demographic change. The aim of this workshop is to discuss the current and future challenges of frontline innovations in health and social services in the advanced silver society. The open workshop is preceded by a non-public, 2-days brain-storming session for invited experts. Results from this session will also be presented at the open workshop.

Language: English


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9:00 Reception
9:30 Welcome and Keynote Speech
  Koichi Ogasawara, Director, SKCI-GCLP

  Morning Presentations & Discussions (20 min + 10 min)
Florian Kohlbacher

10:00 Community Based Medical Fitness Program at TFU Wellness Promotion Center
  Takayuki Kawamura, TFU

10:30 Finnish Advanced Health & Social Services Trials in GeroCenter
  Mauri Kallinen, GeroCenter

11:00 Break
11:10 Innovative Measures of Health Promotion: Cultural Participation Enhancing Health and Well-being
  Antti Karisto, Helsinki University

11:40 Integrated Mental Health Promotion Program in Action
  Hisakuni Saito, TFU

12:10 Lunch (Cafe in Station Campus)
  Afternoon Presentations & Discussions (20 min + 10 min)

Merja Karppinen, Finpro, S-FWBC R&D Unit

13:00 Innovation and Innovation Management in the Ageing Society
  Florian Kohlbacher

13:30 Driving Change in Welfare Services for the Aged
  Hannele Niinio (LUAS), Katri Nykanen (HSE)

14:00 Break
14:10 Finnish Health and Social Service Networks:Cases and Future Research
  Timo Jarvensivu (HSE) ,Katri Nykanen (HSE)

14:40 ICT Application for Health & Social Services
  Helina Melkas (Lappeenranta Univ. of Technology)

15:10 Break
15:20 Discussion
Florian Kohlbacher

15:50 Closing Remarks
  Merja Karppinen, Finpro, S-FWBC R&D Unit

16:30 - 17:30 Cocktail Party at "Furusato" (Restaurant in Station Campus Bld.)


Station Campus Bld, Tohoku Fukushi University
(Tohoku-Fukushi-Dai-Mae Station, JR Senzan Line from Sendai-Station)


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