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From High School to Work:Recent Changes in the Transition Process

25.03.2002 | 18:30

Helmut Demes, Gerhard Mercator University Duisburg


The ongoing economic crises led to a sharp decrease in the demand for high school graduates causing distortions of the quasi-internal transition system from school to work in which high schools guide their graduates into employment. In this work in progress report the functioning of the traditional transition system is described and recent changes are analyzed.

Brief Biography:

Helmut Demes, currently Visiting Associate Professor at the School of Education and Human Development, University of Nagoya, co-ordinates study and research programs on East Asia at Duisburg University. Among other positions he held, he has been research associate at the German Institute of Japanese Studies from 1989-1994. Helmut Demes is specialized in labour market and human resource development issues in Japan.

Koordination: René Haak; Andreas Moerke

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