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Corporate systems of continued employment and their contribution to an age-free labour market

19.10.2009 | 18:30

Alexander P. Witzke


Due to demographic trends Japan is increasingly in need of economic participation of the elderly in order to guarantee the financial sustainability of its welfare system as well as the comparative advantage of the national economy. In this regard Japan is comparatively successful in keeping older workers in the labour market. On the other hand criticism about marginal working contents and the quality of employment conditions is gaining ground as non-regular employment among the elderly has increased in recent years. This presentation introduces a research study about systems of continued employment that play an important role in keeping the occupational participation of older workers in Japan on a high level. How are corporate systems of continued employment organised and can they play a role within the long-term challenge of creating an age-free labour market suitable for the demographic conditions of the emerging 21st century?


CV: Alexander Witzke is a PhD candidate at the University of Bonn. As associated visiting researcher of the Graduate School of Economics at Keio University he is currently conducting a field study on systems of continued employment implemented by small and medium Japanese enterprises.

Koordination: Florian Kohlbacher; Volker Elis


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