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Consumer Perception of Cause-Related Marketing

21.02.2008 | 18:30

Emmanuel Chéron, Professor, Sophia University


Cause Related Marketing (CRM) refers to a partnership between a “for profit” company and a non-profit organization to raise funds for a social cause. CRM is one aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility and can be seen as being partly altruistic but also as being self-interested by enhancing corporate image. The presentation will show various examples of Japanese and non Japanese CRM programs. A specific CRM program allowing consumers to select among several charity organizations is tested in terms of its impact on the image of the company, its self-interest and the quality of its management with respondents from Japan and Singapore. Recommendations for managers, fund-raisers and policy makers are formulated and discussed.

Emmanuel Chéron is a professor of marketing at Sophia University. He was previously affiliated with the Business School of the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada. He is visiting Professor at the Sorbonne Assas Marketing School, Paris University, France. He has published research articles in academic journals such as: International Journal of Research in Marketing, Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, Asian Journal of Marketing, Recherche et Applications en Marketing among others. He serves on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of International Consumer Marketing.

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