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Franz Waldenberger


Economics and Business

My research on the Japanese economy began 1992, when I joined the DIJ as a senior research fellow. During my five years with the institute, I worked on Japanese industrial organisation, the employment system and the financial system. During that time I also completed my habilitation thesis – a prerequisite for becoming a German professor – on “The organisation and evolution of division of labour – insights from Japanese economic development” (in German). In 1997, I left the DIJ to take over a professorship for Japanese economy at Munich University. Since then I have extended my area of research on the Japanese economy to include corporate governance, Japan’s international economic relations and, most recently, fiscal and monetary policy. I am very happy to return to my former place of work for a five-year term. I am thankful to Munich University for generously granting me leave.   


Selected publications
(The selection of publications provides an overview of the main areas of my research. A complete list of publications can be found here.)

DIJ Projects



Organisation und Evolution arbeitsteiliger Systeme - Erfahrungen aus der japanischen Wirtschaftsentwicklung (Organization and Evolution of Systems Based on Division of Labour - Experiences from Japan's Economic Development).
Munich: iudicium Verlag. 226 p., hardcover
Firms and Markets: Why Is Japan Different?.
Bonn, Tokyo: Deutsches Institut für Japanstudien. 33 p.
[With: Demes, Helmut; Hemmert, Martin; Lützeler, Ralph; Meyer-Ohle, Hendrik; Otto, Silke-Susan] Die japanische Wirtschaft heute - Ein Überblick .
Bonn, Tokyo: Deutsches Institut für Japanstudien. 170 p.
Die vertikale Integration von Unternehmen. Eine theoretische und empirische Analyse. Untersuchungen zur Wirtschaftspolitik, Bd. 86.
Köln: Institut für Wirtschaftspolitik an der Universität zu Köln.



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